We are an Chinese manufacturer specialized on safety signs design production and sales, we have thousands of designs for kinds of safety signs.such as prohibition signs,warning signs,fire signs,exit signs,harzard signs,and photoluminescent signs etc.the materials are self-adhesive vinyl,photoluminescent vinyl,rigid plastic,photoluminescent rigid plastic,Aluminum boards,stainless steel etc.All the products meet TUV,IMO,and PSPA standards.we can supply PSPA four grades signs.and our products have been exporting to Spain, UK, Germany ,USA and Grace etc countries.

High quality safety signs, good service,cheaper price, from Chinese manufacturer directly!





PV = Photoluminescent Self Adhesive Vinyl

PR = Photoluminescent Rigid Board

PA = Photoluminescent Aluminium (PA1,PA1.5, PA2)

PS = Photoluminescent Stainless Steel (PS1, PS1.5, PS2)

V = White Self Adhesive Vinyl

R = White Rigid Board

A = Aluminium (A1, A1.5, A2)

S = Stainless Steel (S1, S1.5, S2)

LLA = Local luminous aluminium

LLS = Local luminous stainless steel

1 = Thickness is 1.0mm

1.5 = Thickness is 1.5mm

2 = Thickness is 2.0mm



1.You can choose the design as our code or IMPA,ISSA,IMO code

2.You can choose the design as our design brochure

3. We also accept customed size, designs, material.


How to order

1.Choose material

2.Choose design

3.Choose sign size

4.We make quotation as your requirement


For example:

1. Choose material: PV

2. Choose design:

3. Choose sign size: 150X150mm

4. According to your choice, our price is usd0.92/pc

(Your choice:photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl signs of 150x150mm, the design is as your desire.)